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Un sabato mattina al mercato
A Saturday Morning at the Market

A Saturday Morning at the Market

Italians are famous, among other things, because we love to eat.

Often, foreigners that I met in Italy were surprised for how delicious are our recipes, even if they are very simple.

Do you know what is our secret? It’s the quality of the raw material!
Italy produces a lot of delicious products, such as tomatos, oranges, liquerizia, etc. Where I come from, in Calabria (in southern Italy), even a simple tomato sauce can conquer the most demanding gourmet for the sweetness of its tomatoes.

For this reason, when I first arrived in Dubai, my main worry was to find the places ‘where can I buy’ good quality of raw material for my recipes. To be honest, I know that it’s usually very difficult to find the products which match to our flavors but, at least, I wanted find places where buy healthy and local food.

Almost immediately, I found ‘The Ripe Food & Craft Market’. An UAE farmers market which offers organic food, fresh, seasonal and local. I was so excited when I found it! Who lives in Dubai can understand my enthusiasm. In Italy every neighborhood has its own market, but in Dubai it is not usual.

The Ripe Food & Craft Market, Time Square Center – © Raffaella Calabria

I went at the Ripe Market last Saturday, my mission was to buy some seasonal vegetables and fruits which may last for all the week and fresh eggs to make one of my favorite italian desserts, the Tiramisù! (coming soon here the recipe).

One’s great surprise I found so much more. At the market there were even all handmade arts, crafts, fashion and jewellery. So I spent my Saturday morning by doing my grocery shopping and walking among the stalls.

I bought two boxes of seasonal food. They were a bit expensive but was worth it, when I came back home finally I ate my first juicy plums and peaches in Dubai. But I have to point out the watermelon was not good at all. It was almost rotten that’s why, with great regret, I had to throw it in the trash.

What about Tiramisù? My guests were out of mind, they travelled in Italy for few minutes and then they came back! [Click here to grab my recipe]

Unfortunately the summer edition of ‘The Ripe Food & Craft Market’ market is inside a mall, to Time Square Center. At this time of the year Dubai is too hot and people can not spend their free time outdoors (generally there are 40 degrees). It is still hard for me get used to this weather and I can’t wait to go at alfresco market which will be started by October.

In addition to this, The Ripe Market also offers the delivery at home and The Ripe Farm Shop is open all the week in Al Manara Road (Dubai).

The Ripe Market

Ripe Indoor Summer Market:
Dubai inside at Time Square Center on Sheikh Zayed Road, every Saturday from 9am-2pm.
Abu Dhabi inside at The Collection, St Regis Saadiyat Island every Saturday throughout the summer from the 16th May from 10am-2pm.

The Ripe Farm Shop in Dubai is open 7 days a week.
Sunday – Thursday 8am to 8pm | Saturday 9am – 5pm | Friday 9am – 5pm
Directions: Al Manara Road towards SZR. Take the first right onto street 8a. Ripe is approximately 100m on the left.

Place your order online, call Ripe on 04 380 7602 or send your order via email to orders@ripeme.com



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