Is breakfast at ‘Taste of Italy’ worthy of a Michelin-starred Chef?

When I wake up craving croissant and cappuccino I look for places where I can have a good Italian style breakfast. Recently, my choice fell on a famous place run by a Michelin-starred Chef: Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck.

As mentioned in my article where I describe its pizza (here), Taste of Italy has exactly the same architecture as Eataly: the restaurant opens into one large space, where you can buy various Italian products – fresh and canned – and where you can eat pizzas or other dishes (all prepared with the typical Italian ingredients).

The restaurant area is both inside and outside. I have always been to Taste of Italy at the weekend, in the late morning / early afternoon, and I always found it half-empty.

Dubai_Taste of Italy_Breakfast
Terrace Taste of Italy ©Raffaella Calabria

From the classic baked goods which characterise an Italian breakfast – like croissants and doughnuts – to the pastries with cream, the options for a sweet breakfast are quite wide. For those people who love a high protein breakfast, there are a few options with eggs, bacon and salmon!

Taste of Italy_Breakfast
Taste of Italy ©Raffaella Calabria
Taste of Italy_Dubai
Taste of Italy ©Raffaella Calabria

The first time I went to Taste of Italy I had a craving for ring cake, so I ordered a slice of it.

Breakfast_Taste of Italy_Dubai
Ring-shaped cake ©Raffaella Calabria

– Since it is a restaurant run by a Michelin-starred Chef, although it is cleary ‘informal’ in style, I expected that even a simple doughnut would have a touch of something more than we could easily achieve at home. Unfortunately, my expectations were disappointed. –

Apart from its “homemade” taste (which is not necessarily a negative characteristic), this doughnut was spoiled by being heated prior to being served. Which made it very stringy and sticky on the palate. – Disappointing :( –
Although my first visit to the restaurant wasn’t really satisfactory, I decided to return to Taste of Italy again. The second time I opted for a small “A l’Anticacake, which I chose in the pastry area, and a plain croissant. Once again, before being served, everything was carefully heated. – What a pity! –

Taste of Italy_Dubai_Breakfast
A l’Antica cake ©Raffaella Calabria

Despite its attractive appearance, the small cake wasn’t memorable at all (just like the doughnut). The croissant was good – the dough was light – even though it had the classic texture of a heated croissant: ‘soggy’.

Breakfast_Dubai_Taste of Italy
Croissant ©Raffaella Calabria

Both times I hoped the cappuccino would be the saviour of the ‘Italian style’ breakfast I wanted to have, but it wasn’t. Its taste was good, but at the first sip I scalded my tongue, because, just as always abroad, it was served too hot.

– Since this is a restaurant run by a Michelin-starred chef, of course my expectations were very high and, when it is so, I know that it is very easy to be disappointed. Despite the bad habit of heating the food and serving a cappuccino too hot by Italian standards, I must admit that the quality of the raw material is indisputable. –

The staff is always very kind.

In this article I talk about its pizzas: round and slices ;)

Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck
Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa, Dubai
Phone number 04 4573740

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