Gnocchi italian recipe

Making potato gnocchi is easier than you think! Here recipe+video

Gnocchi (dumplings) are a typical Italian dish that usually is prepared for the Sunday lunch even if in Rome it’s traditional to eat potato Gnocchi on Thursday!

You can eat Gnocchi with many different sauces but the ‘Ragù alla Bolognese’ is always one of my favorite.

Making potato gnocchi is easier than you think! In the video below my mother shows you how is easy make them ;)

Ingredient for 4 people

– 1 kg red potatoes
– 300 g flour 00
– 1 egg
– a pinch of salt


1) Wash and boil the potatoes in their jacket until they are soft (about 30-45 minutes, it depend on their size).
2) While still warm, peel and pass through potato masher.
3) Take a big bowl and put into it mashed potato, flour, egg and a pinch of salt. Knead well until the dough has a soft and compact texture but not gooey.
4) Cut dough into a small piece and roll it like a rope. Using a non-serrated knife cut dough ropes into 1-inch pieces. Roll each piece over a floured fork and let drop them on a tray with flour (watch the video).

5) Let Gnocchi rest for at least 15 minutes. Then Drop these pieces into salty boiling water and cook until they float (about 1 minute). Toss them with your favourite sauce ;) Tip: Add a bit of olive oil in the hot water so that gnocchi don’t stick each other. Buon Appetito!

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