Grandma’s Pie: stuffed with Italian custard and pine nuts

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
La torta della nonna (the Grandma’s Pie) is one of the most popular recipe of my sister. Often I ask her to make this dessert for our sunday lunches and… not a crumb remains!

Ingredients for the pastry
– 300g sifted flour 00
– 150g of sugar
– 150g butter
– 1 egg
– a pinch of salt
– a sachet of baking powder

Ingredients for the custard or crema pasticciera
– 100g of sugar
– 2 egg yolks
– 50g of potato starch
– half a liter of milk
– plenty of lemon peel (untreated)

Pine nuts and icing sugar for decoration.
Equipment: round baking tray, rolling pin and kitchen paper.


1) Prepare the pastry:
– On a board or into a bowl, mix: sifted flour, sugar, egg and a pinch of salt. Knead well using your hands.
– Then, add cold butter cutted in cube and yeast. Mix all well until the dough is smooth.
– Cover the dough with a cloth and place in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
2) For the italian custard (or crema pasticciera):
– In a medium nonstick bowl placed onto a low heat, whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until creamy.
– Gently pour the milk into the mixture, then add the washed lemon zest and the potato flour. Stir well with a whisk and leave it to thicken for about 5 minutes (stirring constantly, but gently).
– Remove the lemon zest from the custard and add plenty of pine nuts.

3) Cut the dough into two pieces (one pieces should be a bit bigger than the other for the pie crust). On two pieces of baking paper, roll out the pieces of dough (5 mm thickness) with a rolling pin.
4) Place the baking paper with the pastry onto the cake tin and pierce the pastry with a fork.
5) Fill the pie with the custard.
6) Cover the pie with the second disk of pastry and seal the two layers of pastry. Cut and remove the excess pastry, then top with the pine nuts.
7) Bake at 180° C for 40 minutes. Let cool, then garnish with icing sugar.

Buon Appetito!

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