A typical Roman dinner at Pommidoro: a must for film buffs in Rome

A typical Roman dinner at Pommidoro: a must for film buffs in Rome

Often in Rome you feel like you’re on a movie set. Indeed, nowadays – as in the past – the city is not just a backdrop to many important art films but also the beautiful residence of many directors and actors, famous and lesser known.

If you’re a cinema addict then you’ll have plenty of places to see, in addition to the traditional tourist attractions.

Pommidoro, for example, is one of those restaurants – preferred by many famous intellectuals and artists of the past – that you should visit: apparently the great director Pasolini had dinner here the night before he was assassinated.

It is located in a pretty little square in the student district par excellence, San Lorenzo. If you like “alternative” and chaotic places, this area will not disappoint. You’ll have no trouble finding clubs to listen good music or to drink a beer ;)

Split over two floors, the restaurant has maintained its historic charm. It’s very cosy and has a simple and informal ambience. Please, also note the small brazier in the room :P

Pommidoro Rome traditional restaurant
Pommidoro – © Francesco Macrì


Although its name may be misleading, Pommidoro is a traditional Roman trattoria – and not a pizzeria – its menu offers a good selection of local Roman dishes from pasta alla carbonara to tripe!
The last time I ate there, to start with I ordered a dish that you can find only in Rome: a skewer of grilled pajata! – For the uninitiated it’s the small intestine of milk-fed calf.  – To those who are not too brave – I suggest you eat it without thinking too much about what it is. Trust me, it tastes like roasted pork ;)

skewer of pajata ROME
Skewer of pajata

For the main course, I chose a dish I’ve missed so much in recent months: spaghetti alla carbonara. Although it isn’t an elaborate recipe, it is not always easy to find where it’s well done. – Did you know that the typical recipe for carbonara doesn’t have onion or cream? To prepare it takes just 3 ingredients: eggs, bacon and pecorino romano (cheese). – This one was delicious!

Una foto pubblicata da Raffaella Calabria (@foodiewithsuitcase) in data:

Finally I ordered another classic dish: grilled lamb. Tender and tasty.

Pommidoro Roma cena
Grilled Lamb

Like any traditional Roman trattoria, the service is very casual but pleasant and friendly at the same time.

Around 165 AED (40,00€), including house wine.

Do you want to eat as the Romans do? Click here to find out the list of the best places in town!

Piazza dei Sanniti, 46, San Lorenzo, Rome
Phone +39 06 445 2652

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