Is Dinner at ‘Tapas Molecular Bar’ Worthy of a Michelin-star?

Is Dinner at ‘Tapas Molecular Bar’ Worthy of a Michelin-star?

On the occasion of my husband’s birthday in August 2019, we decided to have a Michelin-starred dinner at Tapas Molecular Barlocated inside the sky lobby of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo.

The Bar offers a breathtaking view of the city and experimental fusion dishes with the ingredients from different cuisines of the world. It is a set menu dinner served in the traditional sushi-bar style – with the chef preparing the dishes live in front of you.

The dining experience is for 8 people at time, and you can decide if enriching it with a beverage pairing (alcoholic 405 AED/99 Euro each or non alcoholic 305 AED/74 Euro each).

The restaurant location and its atmosphere was very nice, and it was interesting socialising with the other diners and the chef during the dinner. However, I must admit the food experience wasn’t my favourite.

First of all, considering how much it costs (1,450 AED/350 Euro each, including the alcoholic beverage pairing), I would have appreciated to have a more sophisticated “concept menu”. They gave us a handyman box with all tools to use for our dinner along with a menu which was miserably printed and attached with scotch tape on a meter.

Tapas Molecular Bar
Tapas Molecular Bar, Tokyo
Tapas Molecular Bar, Tokyo
Saag Paneer (India) – Tapas Molecular Bar, Tokyo

Secondly, it is a bit annoying having the chef constantly inviting you to take videos or photos of the undeniable scenic dishes. 

About the food, I know I’m going to say something not very popular and not very polite, but I really had trouble finishing many of the dishes they served, as I didn’t find their taste so pleasant. This is a quite rare situation for me as I love food, I love trying new cuisines and I rarely leave food in my plate. 

Considering this is a famous Michelin-starred restaurant, most probably the gastronomy molecular is just not for me. On the other hand, hubby liked the dinner, and considering we came here to celebrate his birthday, this is the most important thing.

If you would like to give it a try, do not forget to make your booking ahead of time.

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Tapas Molecular Bar
2-1-1, Nihonbashimuromachi, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-8328, Japan
Phone +813-3270-8188

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