The hardest thing is to describe themselves, but I’ll try in a few points.

Among the differents jobs I have done and between my graduation in Communication Sciences and my specialization in Marketing, there is my life.

Italian, with a suitcase (even more) and a bag full of Calabrian* dried oregano, always ready to go!

I love food (especially if it is spicy).
Wherever I go, for a trip or to live in, I am always looking for new food experiences.
I seek bistrot and restaurants which have healthy and tasty food and, at the same time, a cozy and cool atmosphere. Each time that a new place opens in the city I have to try it right away!

I love enjoying the slow pace of life around a table, with my friends.
I like cook, I make for my friends recipes that my mom and my sister have taught to me… but with a bit more of black pepper and origan (I really like those spices!); and I like to celebrate. Each occasion is good to go out for an aperitif or to have a party.

I’m an esthete.
I love being surrounded by beautiful and elegant things, with an own style.

I love traveling.
I would like to live in various cities, before choosing which will be “My City”. Until now, I have lived in four different cities in Italy, six months in London and at the moment I am writing from Dubai.

In this my space I will share with you the recipes I love to make and my own experiences and impressions about the places where I have been in Dubai, but not only.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can either leave me a comment, email me ( or send me a message on one of my social media accounts.

*Calabrian means  “it come from Calabria” which is a Region at the toe of the boot, the extreme south of Italy. Actually, ‘Calabria’ is both my surname and my motherland.

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