Dubai’s Best Places on One Map

Dubai’s Best Places on One Map

Before every trip, I love to create my own custom map so I can keep track of must-see places and restaurants I want to try.

I find it very useful, especially as I can see which restaurants are close to the city landmarks I’ll visit. You will agree with me, this is a vital information when it’s lunch time and you are still queuing to enter in a Museum for example. Thanks to the map you won’t risk eating in a tourist place just because you are starving.

This map includes all best attractions as well as my favourite restaurants in Dubai. It is divided in 3 sections: Restaurants – Must-see – Desert Experiences.

I’ll update this map over time by adding new places and comments. So do not forget to check it out when looking for a new place to discover.

I hope you’ll find the map helpful and that you’ll share it with your friends. Have fun!

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