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Everything you need to know about the brunch at Casa de Tapas
Friday brunch at Casa De Tapas

Friday brunch at Casa De Tapas

As its name suggests, Casa de Tapas is a Spanish restaurant. Its Friday brunch menu offers classic Spanish dishes from Andalusia to Galicia. In all honesty, I hadn’t read many reviews about Casa de Tapas before going there. One of my friends had invited me and I accepted. So I just went along to enjoy the occasion without any specific expectations.


On arrival, brunchers have 3 options to choose from:

  1. Food + Soft drinks 199AED (around 49,75 €)
  2. Food + House beverage (house wine, beers, sangria, house spirits) 249 AED (around 62,95 €)
  3. Food + House beverage + Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) 299 AED (around 74,75 €)
I chose the second option: food + house beverage.
I drank sangria and although it wasn’t mind-blowing it was OK.

I feel I have to forewarn all beer addicts that there was only one type of Spanish beer.


On entering the restaurant the first thing that struck me was the amazing view. Casa de Tapas overlooks the Dubai Creek that was full of ships docked at the pier.

The second thing I noticed was its décor. It was welcoming but definitely in a tasteless 80s style. At our table there was an amaranth-design creased tablecloth and the same fabric had been used to cover the chairs. The ceiling decoration was very pleasant.

As in many places in Dubai, smoking was permitted at the table.

I can confidently say, therefore, that Casa de Tapas has an informal ambience but its décor needs updating.
There is quite a rustic feel about the place.


Casa De Tapas Brunch Dubai
The ceiling decoration – © Raffaella Calabria
Casa De Tapas
Casa De Tapas – © Raffaella Calabria
View from Casa De Tapas
View from Casa De Tapas – © Raffaella Calabria


The Casa de Tapas brunch menu offers a rich menu for sharing, but its dishes and their presentation, as well as its interior design, have an 80s style. The buffet was not at all sophisticated. There were some unfashionable recipes, such as stuffed eggs and a kind of meatloaf covered with mayonnaise. (I wasn’t attracted by them, so I can’t say anything about their taste because I didn’t eat them).

Meatloaf – © Raffaella Calabria
Stuffed Eggs
Stuffed Eggs – © Raffaella Calabria

My favourites among the dishes I tasted were: meat lamb, it was soft and tasty. Eggs into the breadOctopus and potatos salad. Bread with chees (sorry, I don’t know if it has a specific name). The squid ink pasta with shrimpThe lentil salad, it was delicious. Meat with indian souce.

Meat lamb – © Raffaella Calabria
Eggs on the bread
Eggs into the bread – © Raffaella Calabria
Salad_Casa De Tapas_Brunch_Dubai
Octopus and potatos salad – © Raffaella Calabria
Bread&Chees Brunch Dubaijpg
Bread with chees – © Raffaella Calabria
Pasta_Brunch_Casa De Tapas_Dubai
Squid ink pasta with shrimp – © Raffaella Calabria
Lentil salad
Lentil salad – © Raffaella Calabria
Brunch Casa de Tapas Dubai_
Meat with indian souce – © Raffaella Calabria

My favourites among the desserts I tasted were: puff pastry with cream&fruit and Creme brulee.

Desserts_Casa de tapas_ Brunch Dubai
Puff pastry with cream&fruit – © Raffaella Calabria
Casa de tapas_ brunch
Creme brulee – © Raffaella Calabria

I really appreciated that many dishes arrived at our table hot from the kitchen. The service was interesting because I had no idea which dish would arrive next.

But, what about the Paella? I thought the paella would be the best dish of this brunch, but I was disappointed. There were two different recipes: seafood paella and chicken paella. Both had a creamy consistency, like a risotto, but with a nonexistent flavour and they lacked any trace of ‘socarrat’ (the brown crisp layer that forms on the bottom of a well-cooked paella).

Paella brunch Dubai
Paella – © Raffaella Calabria
Seafood and chicken Paella – © Raffaella Calabria







In short, in my opinion, the flavour of some food was good and the rest was just ok.


The waiters were friendly and helpful but we frequently had to ask them to remove dirty dishes from our table.


Apart from the food though, it’s the party atmosphere you come for.
At some point during our brunch a band began to play Latin music.
At first, the atmosphere was noisy but by the end everyone was dancing, singing and clapping along with their hands in the air. Even though the band was enjoyable, also the alcohol had done a good job!

Dancing Dubai Brunch Casa De Tapas
Brunchers dancing – © Raffaella Calabria
dancing Casa de Tapas Brunch Dubai
Brunchers dancing – © Raffaella Calabria









To sum up, I have had fun at Casa De Tapas’s brunch. It is the right place if you are looking for an informal place, with live music, and if you don’t have big expectations about the food and the service.


Casa De Tapas
Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Dubai
Cuisine: Tapas Bar
Dress code: Casual
Opening hours: 12:00 pm – 2:00 am daily
Brunch every Friday from 12.30pm – 4.00pm (best to book your table)
phone +971 04 416 1800



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