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Best brunch in Dubai
In Dubai, ‘Friday’ means Brunch!

In Dubai, ‘Friday’ means Brunch!

Actually, for all expats who live in Dubai the Friday Brunch is a very serious thing.

At the beginning I didn’t understand why it was so attractive. I mean, of course I love the Brunch time on the weekend but I didn’t understand why people were so excited to go there. But it didn’t take much time, after my second brunch in Dubai I think I finally understood why it is so cool for people.

In my opinion, there are two reasons why the expats can’t miss this weekly event.

The main reason is that in Dubai ‘Brunch’ means free-flowing food and drinks.
Normally, you have to pay a fixed amount and you can eat and drink as much you can. Here the Brunch is almost like an aperitivo in Milan, in Italy, but the main difference in Dubai is the quantity of alcohol which is unlimited. Although this could be actractive everywhere in the world, you can immagine how it is much more actractive in a city where everything is really expensive, expecially the alcohol which is (among other) not allowed in everyplace.

Another reason is in most places you can have a great fun by singing and dancing with all people around you. Often it is like a wedding party in south of Italy. And when time is over for the brunch, don’t even think about to go home because there is always an after party. Basically the party never end on Fridays.

I’m not a big fan of these brunch because usually the quality of the food is mediocre and, at the end of the day, there is a high amounts of food wasted. But the good new is there are lots of options to choose (there are many buffet options, al fresco, à la carte or half-half brunch), the bad new is every week you have to make a choice!

In my opinion, after foods, Brunch selection should be done based on the kind of atmosphere you are looking for and on your style.

In this my space I will share with you my own experiences and impressions about the places where I have been, so you can have an idea before choosing which is the best place for your Friday Brunch in Dubai!

Here is my reviews, cheers!








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