Rosso Vivo: one of the best Italian pizza delivery in Dubai!

Rosso Vivo: one of the best Italian pizza delivery in Dubai!

It’s strange but it’s true.
In Italy it is very hard to get good pizza delivered at home. When you want to eat pizza at home it is easier to buy it from one of the many pizzerias in the street where you live, rather than ask for a delivery.

On the other hand, with great surprise, in Dubai I have found very good pizza delivered at home by Rosso Vivo. So far, I’ve always eaten the Bufalina (tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil) – my favourite – and I’ve never been disappointed! The crust is a bit thick for my taste, but overall I have to say that I am always satisfied with its quality, especially when I consider it is a pizza delivered at home.

The Rosso Vivo menu includes typical Italian toppings – with mushrooms, 4 formaggi, capricciosa, etc. – But it also has more international options – with chicken and pesto, for example. – What’s more, the starters include Fried Pumpkin Flower: which is hard to find even in Italy unless you are in Rome! I haven’t tried it yet but I will soon :)

The dough rises for at least 12 hours before being stretched, topped and baked by a Neapolitan pizza maker. In addition, Rosso Vivo boasts a traditional Neapolitan oven, built on the spot from original materials, and with the ideal form and structure to ensure a good, successful pizza with soft base. Is this mix of elements its secret? I wouldn’t know. But surely, even the transport is an important role in getting a just baked hot pizza at home.

When you call to order the pizzas, the staff are always very kind and patient – you can change idea about the topping of the pizza several times, and they don’t bat an eyelid (if you want to, you can also order online, but I have always done it over the phone). – Delivery is fast, within the time they give when you are ordering.

It is not cheap, but given the quality that you can have right on your sofa, you can turn a blind eye… don’t you think?
> Bufalina 57,00 AED (circa 14,25€)
> Margherita 42,00 AED (circa 10,00€)

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Rosso Vivo
> Business Bay
Millenium Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Dubai
Telephone (04) 38 05 833
> Media City
Block A, Office Park Building, Internet City, Dubai
Telephone (04) 42 72 477

Opening hours Sat-Wed 11am-11pm | Thurs-Fri 11:30am – 11:30pm

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