3 websites where to buy Delicious Gifts for your Foodie friends!

3 websites where to buy Delicious Gifts for your Foodie friends!

Whether it’s a birthday or Xmas finding the right gift for your loved ones is always very hard … and it is even harder when they live far away! In the latter case, of course, the easiest solution is to buy the gift online but it’s hard to find web sites that offer the type of sought after products desired by our foodie loved ones.

That’s why I have selected 3 websites, from each city where I lived, where it’s possible to find delicious products for your foodie friends with suitcase :)

If you have ever visited an Asian country then you’ll have tried the local dates (in the picture above) – the typical local fruit which can be eaten either fresh or dried – and if you haven’t tried them yet then I recommend them to you or for any of your friends who have a sweet tooth. Bateel delivers delicious dates – plain or stuffed – worldwide! My favourites are the ones stuffed with macadamia nut!

 A postcard from Dubai (where I’m living)

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Its all-women team has selected a wide range of local products from the Marche region (Italy) and organized them into: a Map of Flavours (with food, craft beers, wines and liqueurs typical of each city), and according to the 4 taste personality types (health fanatic, traditional chef, intellectual gourmand and eno-radical chic). So, all you have to do is decide whether you want to take a culinary tour of this beautiful Italian region or opt for the products chosen by the team for the profile closest to that of your foodie friend. If you’ve never tasted it, I recommend you try Ciauscolo (“Marchigiano” soft Salami)!

 A postcard from the Marche Region (where I stayed for two years)

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GREZZO RAW CHOCOLATE (Delivery only in Italy)
Grezzo is a real treat for connoisseurs and health food enthusiasts! It is a pastry shop specialising in raw vegan treats which is in Rione Monti, one of my favourite areas of Rome. Its products are lactose- and gluten-free and, above all, they are not cooked. On their website you can buy organic chocolates, uncooked biscuits and coconut sugar. The first time I tried their ice cream it was a great experience. The taste of raw chocolate is very different to what we are used to, more bitter, but in the end I really appreciated its purity.

 A postcard from Rione Monti (Rome, Italy)

– Where I lived for 12 years and actually my second home –

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